Go to audio engineering school by apprenticing right here in this studio!

If you’ve been thinking of pursuing a career in audio, one of the finest audio engineering and music producing programs in the world is available right here at this recording studio. Crystal Clear Recording Studio and Video Production is a partner with the Recording Connection Audio Institute, a unique recording school that teaches its students by placing them as apprentices in real recording studios around the world—including here at Crystal Clear in Philadelphia. Recording Connection is a fully accredited school whose graduates have gone on to work with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Imagine learning the skills of music production and audio engineering in the same room where artists like Tayyib Ali, Christina Aguilera, B.o.B. and Dru Hill have recorded. With the Recording Connection and Crystal Clear Recording Studio and Video Production, this can be a reality for you.


What makes this program different from other audio engineering schools? Simply put, instead of learning in classrooms and studio simulations, you’ll be learning the ropes in an actual recording studio while working on real projects. Also, instead of sitting in a classroom with 10-20 other students, you’ll be trained and mentored one-on-one by our very own Joey Heier, not just as a student, but as an apprentice. What’s more, you will pay a fraction of the amount of tuition for this program that you would at any other recording school—and you’ll make valuable industry connections as you learn, giving you a better shot at landing a job when you complete the training.


The process is fairly simple. Once you apply and are accepted into the Recording Connection music producing program, you will attend your classes approximately twice a week right here at the studio as a student apprentice. Audio engineer Joey Heier will mentor you one-on-one following a structured curriculum provided by Recording Connection, with a combination of reading, homework, lab work, and real studio time. In about six months, you will be qualified and certified to work as an audio engineer in virtually any recording studio in the nation!


Experts agree that in-studio training is a far better way to learn audio engineering and music production than classroom instruction—that’s why Recording Connection’s audio engineering school is one of the best opportunities you’ll find anywhere. If you’re ready to attend a music producing program that can truly help launch you into your career, give us a call at 215-634-6700, or contact the Recording Connection directly at 800-755-7597 and ask about apprenticing with Joey Heier.

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